Australia International Beer Awards 2023

IPA wins a Bronze at the Melbourne Royal AIBA!

What is the AIBA?

The Melbourne Royal Australian International Beer Awards inspire and celebrate excellence in brewing, beer packaging design, and beer media. Providing brewers from around the globe with an essential benchmarking opportunity, the Awards are open to breweries of all sizes, from boutique small volume to large-scale commercial production.

Broulee Brewhouse
“Nudie Rudie” IPA

We are honoured and grateful to receive the bronze award for IPA at the Melbourne Royal.

Flavour Profile

ABV 6.4% IBU 24 

An assertive, moderately strong India Pale Ale with a dry finish and hoppy floral aromas. Finish is medium-dry with a lingering bitterness.


Hey you Cheeky Cocky!

“I am crazy tasty and will help you feel cheeky and full of life! Who wants a taste of my natural floral deliciousness and seriously classy hops?”

Our Nudie Rudie India Pale Ale is crafted to perfection and inspired by the good-natured Locals who still to this day flaunt their nudie rudie bodies under the steamy summer sun every New Year! (Shhh.)

100% nature in a can! Broulee Brewhouse, where nature creates the magic! Get racing!


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